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Poniżej znajduje się fragment listu jaki napisał Sam Glur, dyrektor handlowy Glycine do właściciela firmy Charlsa Hertiga Sr. w 1953r. List dotyczy projektu Airmana.

During most of my journey from Bangkok to Calcutta I was seated at the place of
the first Officer, next to the commander in a DC 4 from Thai Airways. The captain
explained to me in detail what kind of watch pilots from all nations would actually
need. According to him this watch is not on the market.
The specifics are:
Waterproof – Automatic – Calendar (CS F694 21jwls)
24-hour dial
Hour hand 1 x 360 ̊ revolution 24 Hour
Minute hand 1 x 360 ̊ revolution in 60 Min
Sweep second 1 x 360 ̊ revolution in 60 Sec
Outer dial, a rotating bezel with 24-hour division
More and more Greenwich Mean Time had become the standard flight time,
giving the pilot access to both time zones (GMT + Local time). “The Tissot Navigator is
absolutely not the right watch for the job” explained chief pilot Chat Brown.
I believe we can build this watch without extra costs and sell it to Airline Companies
that issue standard watches to their pilots. Think about it.
(…) „


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